Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Netter believes that psychological problems and conflicts can present as temporary and as reactions to particular stressors, as a function of long-term symptoms of varied origins, or as a function of long-term personality characteristics that lead to psychological pain and impaired social adaptation. Accordingly, he strives to determine the sources of individual emotional needs, and to establish treatment goals that match those of his patients. 

 Therefore, treatment focuses on specific circumstances and the development of skills necessary to better cope with stressors, which is usually accomplished on a short-term basis. The acquisition of the skills necessary to cope with long-held symptoms or maladaptive personality characteristics require more extensive treatment, which can last several weeks, months, or even years. 

 Dr. Netter relies on cognitive-behavioral, meditation, relaxation, and psychoeducational techniques for the resolution of short-term symptoms, and on a combination of those techniques with psychodynamic, and interpersonal psychology for resolution of long-term symptoms. In addition, Dr. Netter relies on specific techniques developed for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder. Consultation with professionals involved in treatment is always a part of Dr. Netter’s treatment protocols.